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Kaweco OFFICE Design box schräg Kaweco OFFICE design box
The Kaweco OFFICE Design Box is made of lacquered wood. It offers space for a Kaweco writing pad and ample space for writing utensils and accessories. Overall, the box is very well made and leaves an elegant impression on every desk.
€160.00 *
Kaweco Stiftehalter Würfel "Dice" Kaweco pen holder dice
The Kaweco DICE as a penholder is only available from Kaweco. It is designed for the SPECIAL series. However, other writing instruments like the sport fountain pens or rollerball pens with the cap upwards fit into the dice. We recommend...
€149.90 *
Kaweco Die Marken Geschichte - Gutberlet crossing Kaweco Kaweco The Brand Story - Gutberlet crossing Kaweco
The Kaweco book about the complete brand history "Gutberlet Crossing Kaweco" contains many details you did not know about the brand. Great pictures and scanned documents convey a good overall picture of the brand. The first edition is...
€79.95 *
Kaweco Stifte Aufbewahrungsbox Schwarz Kaweco pen storage box black
The Kaweco pen storage box black is elegant and minimalistic designed. A window in the lid lets you always have a look at the fine writing instruments that are inside. The box can accommodate a total of 24 pens. A tray has space for 12...
€110.00 *
Kaweco Glas Füller Deko Weiß Kaweco christmas tree fountain pen deco white
The fountain pen is made of mouth-blown glass. The decoration glass pen of Kaweco is a not only a on christmas a nice gift idea for fountain pen fans. In the history Kaweco made several decoration models. In the most cases these were...
€24.95 *
Kaweco Baseball Mütze Kaweco baseball cap
The Kaweco baseball cap in blue with golden logo is adjustable to your head size.
€14.95 *
Elsterglanz Polishing Paste for metal cleaning Elsterglanz Polishing Paste for metal cleaning
The cleaning paste Elsterglanz is perfect for cleaning your raw metal writing instruments out of brass, copper and bronze. WARNING: Do not use the paste for cleaning your fountain pen nib!
€4.95 *
Kaweco Blechschild Kaweco historical tin plate
The Kaweco tin plate is for many Kaweco friends a nice collectors item. The plate is made of tin and has the size of 40x60 cm. The picture comes from the original historical advertisement. Perfect addition for the historical tin plate is...
€34.50 *
Kaweco german shepard pen holder Kaweco german shepard pen holder
The german shepard as a penholder is outstanding and is only available from Kaweco. Your pen can not be protected better on your desk. Of course we recommend a Kaweco pen for the dog . The german shepard is the heraldic animal of Kaweco...
€59.95 *
Kaweco Sketch Buch historisch Kaweco historical Sketch Book
The Kaweco Sketch Book includes a introduction in the Kaweco history in german and english. After that the main part of the Sketch Book begins. The main part is a 1:1 replica of the original order book for special productions from 1924...
€45.00 *
Kaweco Tintenpatronen Spender Kaweco ink cartridge dispenser silver
Der Kaweco ink cartridge dispenser is a great gadget on the go. The normal paper boxes get easily crushed and there is a risk of leakage. The ink cartridge dispenser is made of much more robust plastic and protects your ink cartridges...
€3.75 *
Kaweco Stifte Mappe für 20 Stifte mit Logo Schwarz Kaweco leather pen case for 20 pens with Logo
The Kaweco leather presentation case is the perfect storage for your writing instruments. The case includes elastic pen holders which make sure that your pens will not be scratched when putting them inside. Between the two sides is a...
€70.00 *
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