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Kaweco SPECIAL push pencil brass 0.9 mm

Kaweco SPECIAL Druckbleistift Messing 0,9 mm
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The 0.9 mm Kaweco SPECIAL pencil with character. Produced from raw brass and high-gloss... more
Kaweco SPECIAL push pencil brass 0.9 mm

The 0.9 mm Kaweco SPECIAL pencil with character. Produced from raw brass and high-gloss polished, the pencil makes a very high-quality first impression. After some time, however, the metal oxidises and gets a blackish patina. The surface modification gives symphaties and character to the writing and drawing device. The impressive quality of the mechanics, in the long-term test, paired with the Kaweco real-graphite leads, is a powerful tool for everyday life at work or at home. The 0.9 mm mechanism is no longer produced by many manufacturers and installed in writing instruments. Therefore, this writing device is not only optically but also practically quite SPECIAL.

For this SPECIAL writing and drawing pencil, we recommend the 0.9 mm graphite leads from Kaweco.

The Kaweco SPECIAL series has been built since the 1930s. From the beginning, a simple, octagonal shape and a push button with grooves to improve the handle were the typical features of this series. Since then the Kaweco SPECIAL pencils were made of hard rubber and years later made of celluloid. Now the SPECIAL series is offered in an alunimium and a brass version. Available are 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm and 2.0mm pencils with push mechanism. Ideal for any drawings. No matter whether technically drawing, creatively sketching or simply writing, the Kaweco SPECIAL brass push pencil can do it.

In addition to the mechanical pencils there is also a fountain pen with a great selection of nibs and a ballpoint pen. Each pen of the series develops a patina, it oxidizes. This is the intention of the manufacturer and is therefore not a mistake or defect.

Colour: Brass
Material: Brass
Writing system: Mechanical pencil